How long has MRCM been in business?
MRCM was founded in June of 1979. The company will be celebrating 20 years of business this year.

Is MRCM a large company?
According to government standards MRCM is classified as a small business. However, MRCM is an emerging business that is very committed to growth. We believe big does not equate to better service. We think our size is a big advantage, as MRCM can be flexible in its approach to servicing clients. We are able to offer personalized, custom services that healthcare institutions desire.

What is MRCM's Service Area?
MRCM currently has offices located in Maryland and Florida. However, today's technology allows MRCM to efficiently and cost effectively service a client anywhere in the United States.

Does MRCM offer overflow transcription services?
Yes. MRCM has found that to consistently offer good quality and quantity it is best to have staff dedicated to an account daily. Therefore, we try to have this type of arrangement with our clients. However, we do understand that on some occasions the volume of work does not justify the use of our services.

What is MRCM's Health Information Systems interface capabilities?
MRCM technical staff has vast experience in working with HL7 downloads and uploads and ASCII interfaces. MRCM has worked with Meditech, Cerner, HBOC, SMS and SoftMed's ChartScript systems. Custom interfaces can be accommodated.

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