HIM Staffing

Health Information Management Staffing

For the past 10 years, MRC has been providing the Health Information Management (HIM) department with workforce staffing solutions in our effort to support healthcare organizations as they endure the widespread changes that are happening in the health information industry. Our HIM staffing services are designed to assist clients in managing the collection, access and release of clinical information to the billing department, patient, doctor and authorized third parties.

Smart HIM Solutions

MRC has a proven track record in designing a flexible staffing solution that revolves around your organization’s specific needs. In most cases, we are able to cost-effectively provide healthcare organizations the resources needed to maintain productivity, especially as you navigate through new industry regulations pertaining to clinical information and clinical documentation. To learn more about our HIM staffing services, please contact us.

Staffing Services Include:

  • Health Information Technicians

  • Release of Information Specialists

  • Patient Portal Customer Support Specialists

  • Pre-Registration Specialists

  • Customer Service

  • Coders

  • Transcriptionists